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COVID-19 and Racial Injustice Impact and Response

(Updated December 2020)

Hello Friends,

Needless to say, our lives have been put into a state of transitions and adjustments this year.  Never have we had so many opportunities to practice patience, resilience, and compassion. And, honestly, we've sometimes struggled to meet each moment. The weight of uncertainty and change can make us shut down or open up and, thankfully, we can find solace in the latter.

In our early response to the pandemic,

  • We shut down operations to focus on family and community safety, choosing instead to donate malas to people in need of energetic support.
  • We redirected our resources to making masks. Through these sales, we raised money to support our food banks, the ACLU, and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.  We were also able to donate over 200 masks to organizations working with underserved families in our community.
  • In recognition of the ongoing racial inequities in our country, we continue to support local nonprofits with donations and hold meaningful conversations within our community.

As we learn to navigate our new normal, we've had to make a few adjustments and prioritize how we do business. Last year brought increases to the cost of operations and tariffs and a disruption to the supply chain due to COVID-19. Our sourcing team has been working hard to find new vendors to fill that gap. This has put us in the position where we have had to raise our prices.  We are happy to announce higher grade stones and an expanded selection of specialized crystals to make our malas even more potent. In addition, we will be launching mala bracelets and other crystal charged products.

We hope to continue to bring you healing and inspiration through our gemstone offerings.  Thank you all and may you be well.