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Candle Quartz Clusters

Candle Quartz Clusters


Experience the gentle healing of Candle Quartz! This unique quartz variety is built with iron and lithium inclusions to soothe and support your spirit as it cleanses, making it a celestial choice for harmony and peace. Also known as 'Pineapple Quartz', it's an excellent way to shine some light into your soul.


Gentle cleansing for soul healing

Clearing mental fog and focusing intentions

Calming and soothing


All chakras




Small: ~160g

Medium: ~230g

Large: ~400g

Please Note: Due to variations in the minerals and individual computer monitors, the actual piece you receive may differ from the image you see on your screen. Please allow our team to lovingly select one of our pieces for you or visit us in person at one of our vending events to hand select from our collection. <3

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