Original Urban Art by Alice Kay Lee
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About Artist Alice Kay Lee

Alice began as an oil painter and found herself gravitating towards mixed media as she gained more experience. The textures that she achieves from torn paper, ink, glass, string, and paint have a quality that can be predicted but not entirely controlled.  "I love the variability of mixing and matching different techniques: drawing, painting, bookbinding, printmaking, photography, collage, silkscreening, digital manipulation."  The resulting works each reflect their own unique personality.

Alice was born and raised in San Francisco, California's Chinatown. Although the government housing projects were a little rough, Alice feels she owes much of who she is now to the rich culture she soaked in everyday.  The murals, festivals, graffiti, and people of Chinatown taught her to see layers and textures as components upon which to build visual interest.

Alice moved to Seattle, WA in 2017 to pursue her studio practice and raise her family. She holds a degree in interior design, a credential in teaching, and is a primarily self taught artist.