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Communicating with Kindness Mala

Communicating with Kindness Mala



Opalite, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate gemstones

We all need our hearts to communicate truth. And we need a certain stillness to access truth and find the strength within to speak of things that can help heal wounds. Communicating with Kindness is an excellent Mala for those working with others, especially in the healing arts and therapeutic settings. Avoiding miscommunication of ideas and emotions is paramount.  This Mala lends a clear focus and intention to your words (and body language), assisting your efforts to heal emotional and energetic hurts. 


3rd, 6th & 7th | Throat, Third Eye & Crown chakras


Try a pause! Seriously, pausing cannot be rated highly enough. Especially when we want to communicate something we feel passionate about. Pause and take a breath before speaking. This moment will allow you space so you can choose what you say next. Taking this breath is a simple act of kindness you can do for the people you speak with - and for yourself. 

Pair with Opalite single stone bracelets for an extra calming effect. 


Malas remind us of our abilities to create our own abundance. 

Each Mala is handmade with specifically chosen stones and colors that reinforce its intention. We hand-knot in between every 108 beads and use a .5ml nylon string for strength and extended wear. 

Malas are approximately 22” in length and are made primarily of 6mm beads. The size and weight of the 6mm bead make it ideal for wearing for long periods without being too heavy or too long. 

The guru bead hangs at about the solar plexus level on someone 5'4" tall. The tassel is 100% cotton.


Humaning is hard. Wear more Malas.

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