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Custom Malas - 6mm


Not sure which of mala wound be right for you?  Let me help create a mala to cultivate the energy you need. Gemstones, string and tassel colors, and guru bead are customized to fit your preferences.

Wearing malas gently remind us of our abilities to create our own abundance. What kind of vibration do you need? More energy and creativity. Maybe calming and serenity. Self-healing, self-love, confidence. 108 hand-tied knots in each mala to carries the intention of the selected crystal combinations.

The guru bead pays homage to our teachers and reminds us that we are always learning. When we use the malas to meditate by repeating our intention while palpating each bead, we don’t cross over the guru bead. We go back the other direction to symbolize the constant learning. The tassel is symbolic of lotus roots, reminding us that our greatest strength comes from the mud a dirty waters below. It connects us with our ability to find enrichment from the "muck".

Malas are made with 6mm gemstone beads on nylon cord and are approximately 22” long including the tassel. These malas are custom made and have a typical lead time of 2 weeks.

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