Humaning is hard | Wear more malas
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Fully Present Mala

Fully Present Mala



Mani Jasper, Tourmalinated Quartz, Clear Quartz, & Spiderweb Jasper gemstones

A case of the energetic wiggles has found you! With a mind full of chatter and a body buzzing with the energy of a coffee-driven beehive, you are everywhere The Fully Present Mala grounds your attention by reminding you to come down from the frenetic heights of scattered energy and be in the moment.  Somewhere you remember how to steer your attention; you just need a little help, as we all do at times. When you are ready to be present and fully here, right where you are, then this strand of gems can be your guide. 


1st & 2nd | Root & Solar Plexus chakras


Try a walking meditation. Put on your Mala and bring your focus to moving one foot in front of the other. Bring your attention to how you walk. Notice the sound of it, the feel. Notice the path before you. Feel the temperature of the air on your skin. When energy and thoughts bubble up, bring your focus back to your feet, walking on.  

Pair with Garnet bracelets to aid in grounding your physical body.


Malas remind us of our abilities to create our own abundance. 

Each Mala is handmade with specifically chosen stones and colors that reinforce its intention. We hand-knot in between every 108 beads and use a .5ml nylon string for strength and extended wear. 

Malas are approximately 22” in length and are made primarily of 6mm beads. The size and weight of the 6mm bead make it ideal for wearing for long periods without being too heavy or too long. 

The guru bead hangs at about the solar plexus level on someone 5'4" tall. The tassel is 100% cotton.


Humaning is hard. Wear more Malas.

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