Humaning is hard | Wear more malas
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Still Waters Mala

Still Waters Mala



Moonstone, Fluorite, & Amazonite gemstones 

You need to connect your heart energy to your crown chakra. Looking for guidance from your higher self, you are working to release energetic troubles to create flow within. STILL WATERS Mala cultivates steady, energetic vibrations. You are tired of feeling hot and bothered and are seeking a cooling effect to your throat and heart chakras. You are looking and are ready to maintain open channels that encourage calm, nonjudgemental communication. 


4th, 5th, & 7th | Heart, Throat & Crown chakras


Being nonjudgmental takes practice. A lot. It takes the ability to observe what is actually happening. And that is it: the simple (!) act of observation. Start with now: notice how your bottom fits in the chair. Notice this but don't change anything about it. Simply feel it and observe how you feel. This is the kind of pause that allows you a moment in which to make a choice about how you want to react to / interact with what you have observed. 

Pair with Purple Aventurine bracelets to aid in enhancing your personal growth.


Malas remind us of our abilities to create our own abundance. 

Each mala is handmade with specifically chosen stones and colors that reinforce its intention. We hand-knot in between each of the 108 beads to seal in the intention of the mala and use a .5ml nylon string for strength and extended wear. 

Malas are approximately 22” in length and are made primarily of 6mm beads. The size and weight of the 6mm bead make it ideal to wear for long periods of time without being too heavy or long. 

The guru bead hangs at about the solar plexus level on someone 5'4" tall. The tassel is 100% cotton.


Humaning is hard. Wear more malas.

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