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Stoneware Bowls

Stoneware Bowls


Enjoy a unique dining experience with this set of handmade stoneware bowls. Crafted with a surprisingly light design, each bowl has a smooth, glazed interior and an organic drip exterior. Sage Green Pottery has a high gloss finish all the way around inside and outside of the piece. Not only are these bowls attractive, but they are also food-safe and dishwasher-safe, making them ideal for a variety of dishes from salads to bread.




Cereal Bowl: 6"

4-Pc Tapas Set: 4"-10" nesting

Nesting Shallow Bowls: 8", 9", 10"

Large Bowls: 3.5"H x 11"W

Sage Green Shallow Bowls: 8.5"



Cereal Bowl: 500g

Nesting Shallow Bowls: 514g, 826g, 1,236g

Large Bowls~1,360g

Sage Green Shallow Bowls: 816g

Please Note: Due to variations in clay, artistry, materials, and computer monitors the actual pot you receive may differ from the image you see on your screen. If you have a strong preference for a particular pot, please include a note on your order page and we will do our best to accommodate you. Otherwise, please allow our team to lovingly select one of our pieces for you or visit us in person at one of our vending events to hand select from our collection <3

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