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Unlock your spiritual potential with Labradorite! This stone is known to strengthen your aura and amplify your intuition, providing a perfect boost on your spiritual path. It can also help clear away negativity, both internal and external. Let its shimmering luster take you on an inward journey of growth and discovery.


Protection & energy shielding

Intuition & inner guidance

Transformation & self-discovery


6th & 7th | Brow & Crown chakras


Sphere: 3.25"

Heart: 3.5"

Freeform-Medium: 4"-5"

Freeform-Large: 8"

Freeform-X-Large: 8" x 5.5" x 2"


Sphere: 1110g

Heart: 520g

Freeform-Medium: ~1500g

Freeform-Large: 2670g

Freeform-X-Large 3,600g

Please Note: Due to variations in the minerals and individual computer monitors, the actual piece you receive may differ from the image you see on your screen. Please allow our team to lovingly select one of our pieces for you or visit us in person at one of our vending events to hand select from our collection. <3

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